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Mary Webb and Geraint Goodwin connection


Mary Oldham, Chair of the Geraint Goodwin Society, was invited to speak at the Birthday Lunch held in honour of Mary Webb’s 130th birthday.  Also present from the Geraint Goodwin Society were Myfanwy Lumsden, daughter and President of the Geraint Goodwin Society, Alan Lumsden and Joan How, Secretary.


Geraint Goodwin had known Mary Webb when they were both living and working in London, and upon her death Geraint was to write an article published in the “Everyman” magazine Vol 1 Jan-July 1929 entitled “Mary Webb-A Memoir”.  Both writers were born in the nearby counties of Shropshire and Montgomeryshire.  Both were regional writers sharing a love of the countryside and its people and were concerned about the changes and affects, taking place in the years before WW1 and, in Geraint’s life, the intervening years leading to WW2.


During the morning session Dr Gladys Mary Coles, President of the Mary Webb Society gave an informative talk about Mary Webb entitled “A Writer of our Times”.  Dr Coles’ talk drew on Mary Webb’s forward thinking from her writings including “The House In Dormer Forest” and the poem “To Life”, and on the issues depicted in Mary Webb’s work so relevant in today’s society.


Mary Oldham’s talk in the afternoon session, after a delicious lunch, was entitled “Geraint Goodwin – Mary Webb’s Montgomery Neighbour”.  The talk gave an insight into Geraint’s formative years leading to the production of his novels, plays and poetry.  Mary Oldham also read examples from his work, including “The Heyday In The Blood” and “Watch For The Morning” to illustrate the influences upon his life growing up in Newtown, his mother, and the affects on the rural communities of Mid Wales due to social and industrial changes during the early twentieth century.











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          Mary Oldham.                                        Birthday Lunchtime Chatting