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'COME MICHAELMAS'  Spanish University Interest

The Society was contacted by Dr Maria F. Garcia-Bermejo Giner of Dpto. de Filologia Inglesa Salamanca University Spain regarding Geraint Goodwin's novel 'Come Michaelmas'.  The University was anxious to obtain a copy of this novel as an excellent example of the use of the Shropshire dialect, and had been directed to this novel via a reference to Geraint Goodwin in Lucien Leclaire's "A General Analytical Bibliography of the Regional Novelists of the British Isles 1800-1950".  Geraint set this book in Moreton a border town which in reality is Newtown, Mid Wales.  Many words used in this novel e.g. "canna" "danna" and "summat" are of Shropshire origin.  The Society was pleased to be approached and were able to provide a copy of this now out of print novel.  It will be transcribed by the University during this summer and kept on record for their literary department. Here at the Society we are delighted that Geraint's last and darkest novel has travelled to Spain.



A book entitled "Geraint Goodwin: His Life and Work" written by Dr James Whetter has recently been published and has been reviewed for Newtown's local history magazine "The Newtonian".   See Reviews


POEMS FROM 'A FIRST SHEAF' The Society has prepared the first of a set of 3 cds of Geraint Goodwin's poems written while a young man.  Many of these poems are quite poignant and reflect his life and thoughts.  The first cd of 12 poems is available recorded by one of the Society's members, Jennifer Whelan, and original music by another of our members, Jordan Bradley.

Copies of the first cd are available at a cost of £9.99, which includes UK post and packing,  from Joan How, Secretary of the Society via our Contact Us page.  Payment can be by Cheque, Money order or paypal in £ Sterling  to J M How who has stood all costs.





















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